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Nicky Otto Dietetics

Offering Virtual Nutritional Counselling in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Ontario 

The world of nutrition can be feel complicated and overwhelming. Whether you’re seeking help with disordered eating recovery, improving your relationship with food and body, moving away from chronic dieting or looking to improve your health behaviours, I can help you uncomplicate the complicated and start taking action. 

Let's untangle your relationship with food, together. 

Let's start being the best versions of ourselves. Let's invest in you. 

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A Unique Philosophy

Nicky Otto Dietetics provides a unique approach to help you rediscover a new relationship with food, start nourishing your body, heal from disordered eating and break free from diet culture through realistic strategies which allow you to work towards finding food freedom. I won't just give you a meal plan; I will help you develop your own strategies for continued wellness.

I do not counsel for weight loss.

Registered Dietitians are regulated healthcare professionals that are held to a high standard of knowledge and practice.

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Nutrition Services

I help individuals recover from eating disorders, move away from disordered eating, overcome chronic dieting, improve their health behaviours and untangle and rebuild a better relationship with food.

Let's untangle this, together.

Individualized Nutrition Assessment

90 minute session + 30 minutes for documentation of care.

Nicky Otto, Registered Dietitian will meet with you to review your medical history, digestive symptoms, sleep and lifestyle patterns, activity levels, previous eating behaviours, food sensitivities and intolerances, current food intake, disordered eating behaviours and symptoms, usual eating environment and more. We will check in on what you have tried in the past and where you would like to go. From here, we will develop a comprehensive and individualized plan based on your individual needs to help you take action. 

We will begin to untangle and rebuild your relationship with food moving forward.

Health Investment: $220 

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Nutrition Follow Up Appointment

50 minute session + 10 minutes for documentation of care.

In follow up appointments, you will continue to meet with myself, Nicky Otto, Registered Dietitian to carry out your plan. Time will be spent addressing and moving past barriers, continuing to untangle your relationship with food and developing strategies for next steps. Goals will be set each appointment to help you continue to move forward.

Health Investment: $ 135

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